Bring your problem, concept or requirement specification. Together with a knowledgeable team, we develop the prototype you need.

Prototyping services

Development of "Much-ups"

Development of MVP

Development of digital prototypes

  • VR / AR
  • Simulation
  • CFD analyzes
  • Digital twin

Development of complete prototypes

Advice, planning and implementation of technology qualification and verification processes

Prototyping - equipment and facilities

Additive manufacturing metal and composite

  • LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Gen.
  • 3D print when using Inconel 625.
  • Design, Strength Calculations CFD, Ether Machining, Heat Treatment

Rapid prototyping

  • 3D plastic printers
    Ultimaker 3 extended
    Extruders for eg. a. Water-soluble filament (PVA)
    Prusa MK3S
    MakerBot Replicator 2X
    RSPro WT280A
  • Laserkuttere
    GCC Laser Pro Spirit GX
    GCC Laser Pro Spirit LS
  • CNC mills
    Multicam 3000
    Omio X6-2200
    Wood and electronics workshop


Courses, services and expertise
Get acquainted with the latest technology design, construction and testing of physical and virtual prototypes for the marine industry. Get expertise in the new technologies to quickly find the potential for your business. Practical use and theoretical training in combination will ensure you a good ordering expertise in-house or against suppliers.

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