About us

Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre offers design, prototyping, testing and verification facilities for the marine industry. Do you have a solution for the marine industry? Then you can develop your idea in optimal and real sea-related environments for a final product on the market.

Our headquarter is in Bergen, Norway where we are closely integrated with the leading innovation environment at Marineholmen. The facilities are located along the west coast - both in Bergen and in the region at large.

In addition to facilities, we offer education, training and seminars.

The catapult centres in Norway

Ocean Innovation Catapult Centre is one of five catapults in Norway. They all aim to give smaller and medium-sized companies faster, better and more affordable ability to develop ideas, from the concept stage to market introduction.

Small and medium-sized businesses, but also large companies, R&D environments and educational institutions can benefit greatly from the catapults.